? Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore - WNY Dog Festival - Sunday June 14th, 2020

Celebrating WNY's Furry Friends

There are many festivals and events throughout Western New York for you and your family members each summer, but what about the other important member your family dog? The Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore is a fun, free event for canines and their people; a celebration of dogs and the enjoyment and interest they bring to our lives! The Dog Days excitement includes dog sports, contests with prizes, education and training, dog vendors and activities, treats for humans and canines, and much more! Well socialized, friendly dogs are welcome at the event; water and shade will be provided. Watch the video of past years events. Also, check out some photos right here.

Celebrating WNY’s Furry Friends!

2020 marks the 10th year for Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore! Each year the volunteers of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS) work to make this event very special. But this year we’re going all out to make this the MOST FUN & SPECIAL dog event ever! You won’t want to miss this so mark your calendars! Make sure to set aside the whole afternoon to enjoy every little bit of this howlingly good time that seems like a little piece of paradise for dog lovers.

There is so much to experience at Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore. We strive to showcase and support area rescue groups, animal care services, and dog related vendors through the event. By doing so, we’ve helped our rescue group friends save thousands of dogs lives and helped find new forever homes for many more. Pretty cool, right? We make sure that people with or without dogs will enjoy the party with fun music and some of the best food trucks in WNY serving up tasty delights. We have a Memorial Chapel where you can create a flag to hang up in memory of your be loved pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge -and we have a real bridge for you to cross too. We have Clergy from five local churches ready to bless your canine friend, and we have a dance with your dog area and even a Flea Market! We also include rest tents throughout the event area for you and your dog to relax in. Our affordable, quality T Shirts are of preshrunk cotton –there are many colors and designs and they hold up beautifully to wear and cleaning. We have exciting vendors you’ll want to visit -many with free give-aways, samples, and raffles.

We hope you will bring your well socialized dog or come with an open heart ready to adopt of foster a dog. Once again this year we are not only focusing on helping dogs find a good forever home but also to raise awareness about the need for foster parents/families for dogs. Perhaps you cannot take on a dog forever but can commit a certain amount of time to help love a dog until their forever person finds them. If this is you, please make sure to ask all the wonderful rescue groups at the event about fostering one of their dogs.

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If you would like to be a vendor at the Dog Days of Kenmore please complete the appropriate form below:

  • Rescue Group not selling anything
  • Rescue Group planning to sell to the public
  • Vendor not selling anything
  • Vendor planning to sell to the public

  • Please Note: If you are planning to sell anything at the event, you must complete the Dog Days Of Kenmore Form and the Village Peddlers form. The Village Peddlers form must include a copy of your drivers license or other photo identification and the form must be notarized by a Notary Public. The Village Peddlers form is required by the Village of all people selling at an event in Kenmore.

    About Dog Days of Kenmore

    The Kenmore Village Improvement Society has organized the Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore because Kenmore loves dogs and we know that the whole of Western New York joins us in this! Thousands of dogs live here, from little white Bichons to long-legged Dobermans and many four-legged friends of mixed pedigree. We love and cherish our time with our furry friends and want to celebrate and acknowledge the abiding relationship we humans have with them. Watch the video of the 2011 event. Also, check out some photos from last year's event right here.

    The KVIS strives to improve our community -what better way could we help do this than by throwing a party for these important and valued members of our community? You are warmly invited to come to the Dog Days, grab a freshly baked biscuit for your dog, a concession hotdog for you, visit the vendors, enter a contest or two, create a zoetrope, experience an agility demonstration, and enjoy the party! For more information about all the other interesting KVIS events, initiatives, and campaigns check out our website.