? Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore - WNY Dog Festival - June 10, 2018

Celebrating WNY's furry friends

There are many festivals and events throughout Western New York for you and your family members each summer, but what about the other important member - your family dog? The Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore is a fun, free event for canines and their people; a celebration of dogs and the enjoyment and interest they bring to our lives! The Dog Days excitement includes dog sports, contests with prizes, education and training, dog vendors and activities, treats for humans and canines, and much more! Well socialized, friendly dogs are welcome at the event; water and shade will be provided. Watch the video of past years events. Also, check out some photos right here. Watch the video of past years events. Also, check out some photos right here.

Celebrating WNY’s Furry Friends!

2018 marks the eight year for the Dog Days of Kenmore! Each year the volunteers of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS) work to make this event very special. We strive to showcase and support area rescue groups, animal care services, and dog related vendors. We also make sure that you and your dog enjoy the party with fun music and food trucks serving some of WNY's favorite foods. There are contests to enter and so much to experience that you can easily spend the entire afternoon at what seems like a little piece of paradise for dog lovers.

· Rescue Groups The Kenmore Village Improvement Society believes so much in the good work of rescue groups and shelters. Each year at the event we randomly draw the names of six lucky rescues present to each receive $100 from the Society! · Dog-friendly Travel Northtown Subaru has some awesome dog-friendly cars! Make sure to stop in and see Joe Hurley and all the great folks over at Northtown Subaru ...and let them know that you share their love of man’s best friend! Northtown Subaru is located at 3930 Sheridan Dr.

Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore


Our tails are wagging as we welcome you to become a Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore vendor! Please find the form that applies to you, read all the instructions, complete it and get it to us by April 30th. Thank you!

We’re sniffing out those businesses who would like to be a Sponsor! Your business will be treated to many benefits including being featured on two billboards! Want info on becoming a Sponsor? Just send an email to: info@dogdayswny.com and we’ll get it to you right away. There are new and special elements planned for this year that you won’t want to miss. Keep checking back here or the event facebook page for exciting updates! facebook.com/dogdayswny

Love that Funky Dog Sound! Our 2018 Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore will feature the howlingly awesome sounds of the Skiffle Minstrels band!

Yummy Treats to Eat! How to choose from all the delicious choices available from our 2018 Dog Days Food Trucks?!

  • Amy’s

  • Loose Canon

  • Ted’s Hotdogs

  • Tuk Tea Co

  • Sweet Hearth

  • Where’s Lloyd

If you would like to be a vendor at the Dog Days of Kenmore please complete the appropriate form below:

  • Rescue Group not selling anything
  • Rescue Group planning to sell to the public
  • Vendor not selling anything
  • Vendor planning to sell to the public

  • Please Note: If you are planning to sell anything at the event, you must complete the Dog Days Of Kenmore Form and the Village Peddlers form. The Village Peddlers form must include a copy of your drivers license or other photo identification and the form must be notarized by a Notary Public. The Village Peddlers form is required by the Village of all people selling at an event in Kenmore.

    About Dog Days of Kenmore

    The Kenmore Village Improvement Society has organized the Northtown Subaru Dog Days of Kenmore because Kenmore loves dogs and we know that the whole of Western New York joins us in this! Thousands of dogs live here, from little white Bichons to long-legged Dobermans and many four-legged friends of mixed pedigree. We love and cherish our time with our furry friends and want to celebrate and acknowledge the abiding relationship we humans have with them. Watch the video of the 2011 event. Also, check out some photos from last year's event right here.

    The KVIS strives to improve our community -what better way could we help do this than by throwing a party for these important and valued members of our community? You are warmly invited to come to the Dog Days, grab a freshly baked biscuit for your dog, a concession hotdog for you, visit the vendors, enter a contest or two, create a zoetrope, experience an agility demonstration, and enjoy the party! For more information about all the other interesting KVIS events, initiatives, and campaigns check out our website.